Keith Friendship has been shooting high quality corporate, marketing and editorial photography for Monte Luke Studio throughout Australia since 1989.

Here however we focus on the non corporate version of his craft …

‘Originally from Cronulla in Sydney’s southern beaches area, I spent time at Sydney University, living on campus at Wesley College. My interest in photography grew steadily during my university days and after travelling the world I got more and more involved in photography…taking over Monte Luke Studio in the Sydney CBD in 1989’.


Probably most happy going out on an unplanned ramble with a camera under his arm – or swinging a golf club – Keith has an amazing collection of photographs.

From the endless sand dunes of the Simpson Desert, to Tamarama Beach in rough weather, dawn over Sydney Harbour and the landmark New south Wales Golf Course, Keith captures the essence of his subjects in powerful landscape imagery.

These photographs are available for purchase – some in limited and others in unlimited editions – in a wide range of sizes, sepia, black and white or colour and all printed on archival paper using the best possible inks and printing techniques. Authentication documentation is provided with all limited edition purchases.

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  1. Good morning Keith,
    It was very nice to meet you last Sunday at the club. As I explained,I would love to purchase one of your photographs of our beloved NSWGC for my practice.
    I would particularly like one of your black and white ones. The space I have is 1m x 1.5m (portrait). I look forward to you sending some images that would be appropriate for my requirements.

  2. Hi Joel
    So sorry I haven’t responded to your email but I hardly ever look at this website
    Will send you a link to some images soon
    Best Regards

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